Online Spring Equinox Ceremony and Sound Blessing

Saturday 21 March | 7:00PM – 8:00PM

Ritual and ceremony offer us an opportunity to align with the cyclical nature of being. A space is created, to release, receive, weave, celebrate, honour and commit in community. When we balance ourselves to the natural rhythm of our living planet, our transformation continues, within and without.

Honouring the Wheel of the Year and the moon is a powerful way to create markers in your life. It helps us know there is a time for everything and that we have the power to guide our lives in a positive direction. It’s a simple practice that begins with creating sacred space through meditation and intention. This allows a container for the ritual which can be as simple as lighting a candle, speaking your truth or moving your body, witnessing or being witnessed. There is a deep remembering when we sit in a circle or work together that is undeniable. These groups form collective energy that can co-create powerful change on many levels.

KIND Ceremonies are non dogmatic and welcoming to all. Jayna Cavendish creates a held environment for people to feel present and open. She guides her groups with intuition leading authentically from her own experiences. Her empowered and loving approach spreads through her ceremonies to all who participates.