Resident Artist and revolving art program

Presenting our newest Resident Artist and revolving art program: Susan Supercharged’s Cabinet of Wonderous Things

Susan Supercharged, is the Curator of the exhibit “SuperNature/City” inside “ Susan Supercharged’s Cabinet of Wonderous Things”, a collaboration inside the Stratford Hotel. Having a background as a Hackney Wick artist for many years and arts community activist, she has her own multimedia practise as well, as well as being a former curator and educator from the Victorian and Albert Museum, the Hackney Wicked Festival, and guest lecturers at Goldsmiths, London College of Communication, and London College of Fashion.


SuperNature/City: Nature and The Changing Cityscape

March – May 2022

Susan Supercharged presents a micro art installation, for this Stratford hotel collaboration. Creating a fragmented dreamscape and readymade landscape, she explores the world of disjointed dreams and hints of something cryptically beautiful. Making readymades and plaster castings with historical items dredged from the Thames, (some as old ancient Roman) embedded alongside glass artefacts. Making the familiar/unfamiliar. Bringing the ancient into activation with the modern, many of the artworks will be available as NFTs, and in Augemented Reality as well.


Meet the Artists

Alex Smith

Alex Smith is an artist working in ceramics. Based in East London he has a background in digital and analogue illustration. His clay pieces, whilst being whimsical and textural, also explore messages of current global cultures and ethical issues such as sustainable ecology, and “odd nature”. Each piece is imbued with deeper clues into his environmental inspirations and reflective musings. Solidly placed in a fine art context in these sculptures created for the Stratford, each artwork in this exhibition are unique and collectible. Alex Smith also been commissioned to create unique table top ware designs that have been commissioned by some of London’s most forward thinking restaurants.


Neeraj Singh – MIRARI LIFE

Introducing Mirari Life, a new lifestyle brand with a focus on physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Founder Neeraj Singh has created a multi-dimensional eye-mask experience combining luxury silks with healing crystals, sacred geometries, and unique botanical alchemies.

The Mirari Life Mask creates a sacred space for the physical realisation of affirmations. A daily alchemy to enhance your mood, nurture your inner world and elevate your mind, body, and soul.

Jonathon Roson

Born 1981 Sydney, Australian, of Asian cultural heritage. Currently living and working in London. Graduated with a Bachelor of Horticultural Science from Western Sydney University in 2002 and a Master of Fine Arts at UNSW Art and Design in 2007. Current member of the Royal Society of Sculptors and co-founder of artist collective Alice in Hackneyland.